Futura Freerace 2018

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FUTURA Freerace 2018 – Ryf’s Surf & Fun

20+ Jahre Ryf’s surf & fun Jubiläum = super Rabatte auf alles Material !!

The Futuras are Starboard’s freerace boards. Freerace boards are designed to go extremely fast, like slalom boards, but with more user-friendliness and more comfort. They are the sports cars of windsurfing.

2018 Futura

Futura – Starboard Windsurfing The test-winning freerace board for technical windsurfing, looking for the impossible: maximum speed mixed with comfort, control and jibing precision. The perfect board for long distance racing.

The Futura shapes are carried-over from 2017 with their shorter, wider outlines, thinner profiles, new tail shapes and new Vee distribution.
They are offered in two technologies: our new Carbon L.C.F. construction designed for the lowest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint and our Carbon Reflex construction, our very lightest technology that uses the most exclusive, lightest biaxial grade carbon fibres for an even lighter weight on the scales.



Futura 97, Futura 107, Futura 117, Futura 127, Futura 137


Carbon L.C. F, Hybrid Carbon